Payment in cash:

Customers pay directly in cash at the showroom for consultants or cashiers.

Customers pay directly in cash to the delivery staff at the place where the customer receives it.

Customers pay COD (cash delivery) directly to the postman to deliver the goods at the place of receipt.

Refund Policy: Within 7 days from the date of transfer, if you still do not receive the product, Pham Minh Tailor will refund your transferred amount.

Please transfer money to the account of  Pham Minh Tailor:


Payment by swiping payment card:

Please swipe your card with a handy MPOS device at the showroom or at the place of delivery. The device is protected with the maximum protection of your account information.

COD payment (pay at home)

After confirming the order, Pham Minh Tailor will pack the product and deliver it to the shipping service provider, then proceed with shipping for you to receive and pay at home. After checking the product, you make direct payment of the order value to the delivery staff. However, this form of payment will be more expensive because you will have to bear the shipping fee and collection fee from the shipping service provider.

General Note:

- Please directly check the goods carefully as soon as you receive the goods from the delivery staff, if there is a problem related to the model, quality, scratched, dented goods, the quantity of goods is not correct as expected. In the order, please contact the store immediately to coordinate processing and enjoy the product return policy. Pham Minh Tailor will pay all costs in this case.